"I am active as a comedian for companies. I perform in 6 languages. My spoken knowledge of these languages is OK, but when it comes to translating the content of my website... well, that's where AEETOS came in !"
January 7, 2008

Dirk Denoyelle, CEO and driving artist !, Grasmus Productions bvba

"We had several assignments for AEETOS and they are reliable experts. Their strengths: empathy - structured - capable of creating a comfortable environment for the the participants."
January 7, 2008

Chris Stultiens, Training & Development Manager at Genzyme Flanders

Over de Training Effective Presentations:
"The trainer listened very well to our requests and adapted the course to our needs. The trainer was also very competent in listening to our problems, giving remarks and suggestions.  The syllabus contained very useful tips for scientific explanation of graphs and figures."

Over de Training "Sollicitatietraining":
Een cursist:
"Je leert jezelf enorm kennen bij de sollicitatietraining. Je ziet hoe je in/op bepaalde situaties reageert. Dat vond ik enorm boeiend".

Over de Training Vaardig Presenteren:
“Ondanks het diverse niveau van de cursisten, slaagt de lesgever erin om iedereen te boeien door een gestructureerde en duidelijke aanpak“.
(Sociaal Economische Raad van Vlaanderen)