Internationalisation and globalisation are terms typifying the recent developments in the current global marketplace. The world economy expands and opens resulting in an increasing frequency of contacts and business opportunities abroad, undoubtedly creating new needs and requirements for you and/or your business. AEETOS Training & Translation Centre translates your needs into full-blown international opportunities.

Thanks to our continuous efforts to expand our translation services, AEETOS Training & Translation Centre is now able to offer professional and accurate translations from and into all European languages.


AEETOS is committed to Making a Difference to your Needs. How exactly ? No fancy website, no expensive infrastructure, no extravagant publicity, but highly efficient human and technical resources, state-of-the-art CAD tools, a dedicated and specialized team of freelancers covering all language combinations, a solid quality assurance process and, most importantly, competitive rates for our most valued asset, you, our customer.


The rate for translations is calculated based on the number of words in the source text and varies depending on the nature of the translation assignment, the source and target language of the assignment and is always discussed with the client before acceptance and execution of the assignment.

To give you an idea of our rates, divide the number of words in the source document by 10. The result will be our basic rate in Euros for standard language combinations.

AEETOS is your preferred partner for reliable, accurate, professional and affordable translations of any document, from a small business communication to a user manual for an industrial device, from web sites to medical or pharmaceutical questionnaires.

If you require additional information or a specific quotation, please contact AEETOS Training & Translation Centre on + 32 475 52 36 05 or send an email to